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Wiesław Kopeć, PhD, MBA

Associate Professor, Head of XR Lab PJAIT. He is a computer scientist, research and innovation team leader. Co-founder of the transdisciplinary HASE research group (Human Aspects in Science and Engineering) and distributed Living Lab Kobo.

Barbara Karpowicz, MSc Eng.

Researcher and seasoned academic teacher, assistant at Computer Science Department of PJAIT, head of Unity Programmers at XR Lab PJAIT. She is also a vivid volleyball player and chief of the PJAIT Sports Association.

Kinga Skorupska, MA

Researcher at XR Lab PJAIT. Kinga’s interests include UX Design and Science Communication and she is passionate about learning new things. She also loves games, their design and playing, be it on a PC, at a boardgame table or at an ice-rink.

Daniel Jabłoński, MSc Eng.

Researcher, backend and full stack programmer at XR Lab PJAIT. In his free time he hangs out with friends, plays FPS and is a bit of a burger connoisseur.

Piotr Gago, MSc Eng.

Researcher and frontend developer at XR Lab, lecturer and vice-dean at the Information Management department. Passionate about e-learning, web technologies, photography, drawing and painting.

Marcin Niewiński, MSc Eng.

A researcher, admin and office manager at XR Lab. He specializes in databases. His passion for swimming leads him to eagerly join any sports-related research and development projects.

Anna Jaskulska, MA

A representative of the Kobo Association. Actively involved in participatory activities and research within the intergenerational Living Lab and the HASE initiative. She is interested in social communication and equality issues, including women’s rights. She loves traveling, watching movies, reading books and chatting with friends.

Mateusz Salwa, PhD Dsc

A researcher and lecturer within the area of philosophy. Interested in issues at the intersection of philosophy, new technologies and how they affect culture.

Dominika Tkaczyk, PhD

A researcher with an interest in practical applications of novel technologies and cutting-edge expertise in Machine Learning namely Natural Language Processing.

Jagoda Lazarek, PhD Eng.

A researcher and lecturer with expertise in Computer Vision including AI-based pattern recognition. Graduated with a Phd Eng. from Lodz Technical University. Passionate about bikes and motorbikes.

Anna Voitenkova, MSc Eng.

Anna Voitenkowa is a researcher and frontend programmer at XR Lab PJAIT. She is passionate about teaching IT-related topics and in her free time enjoys long walks with a camera

Rafał Masłyk, MSc Eng.

A researcher and digital content professional, at XR Lab PJAIT applies final Unity touches to VR research applications. After work an avid gamer and musician, and an open science educator with his own YouTube channel (@ZeStarym) dedicated to Adobe tools.

Kinga Kwiatkowska, Eng.

A UI designer and Unity programmer at XR Lab PJAIT. She loves designing interaction in games, anime and drawing.

Ruslan Valuiev, Eng.

A backend programmer at XR Lab PJAIT passionate about project architecture and databases. He loves dogs and used to volunteer at a shelter while now he spends his free time playing games and attending voleyball practice.

Michał Łukasik, Eng.

A programmer at XR Lab PJAIT, specializing at making the impossible possible. Passionate about football and volleyball, yet still finds time for slow evenings with a book, pets and a homemade dinners as well as a wide variety of other hobbies.