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Important COVID-19 regulation

FYIT classes are stationary and held in the Warsaw district of Ochota. As for today, the winter semester starts onsite in the first half of October 2022. However, we are prepared for the regulations that may be subject of change later on, during the semester. In case of pandemic restriction we are ready to switch the course to hybrid mode using the MS Teams platform. You will be informed in advance about the transition to the online/hybrid mode if applicable.

Please bear in mind that PJAIT, as a leading technical university in Poland, has the most advanced and up to date infrastructure for remote/hybrid learning, scientific collaboration and over ten years of experience in providing online classes. In particular, our Foundation Year will benefit from the same infrastructure, educational practices and experienced academic staff that have served our regular students for the last years in hybrid/remote mode under pandemic circumstances.

Can we apply for a visa or residence card?

Yes, the school recruitment department always supports young students in the process of getting a visa. To get it, please bring proof of payment.

Is there any accommodation for a school dormitory from PJAIT?

Unfortunately, the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology doesn’t have accommodation or dormitories dedicated to students. However, there are multiple apartments for rent in the city centre, more precisely in the Ochota district, where the classes will be conducted.

When should I pay for the course?

The payment is required before the classes start. You will be provided with all the details, including your individual bank account number, during the admission process.

Where can I register for the course?

You can find the link to the application system directly on our webpage.

Is there a limit to the number of students who can be admitted to participate in the Foundation Year?

Yes, there is a limit as we want to keep the groups managable. You will be admitted based on an interview that will be conducted with you after you submit your application.